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We utilise advanced technology
to ensure the edge on the most ingenious criminal.

Nissi Risk Management’s specialists are trained to understand the mind of the modern day criminal, with years of experience in combating crime at any level, in any industry. We utilise advanced technology to ensure the edge on the most ingenious criminal.

Our forensic investigators are well trained in all legal aspects, i.e. criminal procedure and industrial relations Acts, crime scene protocols and relevant case histories.

Forensic Investigations include the following:

Private investigations

The gathering and conveying of confidential information on behalf of the client, who may then commission the investigator to take further action. The client will be guided with regards to the different options, legal implications and the details of the investigation process.

Forensic investigations

 This implies the application of scientific knowledge and methodology to legal problems and criminal investigations or simply stated,  ‘the application of science to the law’. Forensic investigation is used to associate or eliminate a link with a suspect to the scene of a crime or victim.  The following contraventions are amongst those which can be investigated:

  • Damage, removal or misuse of equipment, furniture and/or fixtures
  • Disclosing of confidential and proprietary info to an outside party
  • Indicators of fraud or misconduct: extortion & corruption
  • Assisting in combating fraudulent activities or misconduct
  • Fraudulent altering of statements, records or files
  • Misappropriation of funds, assets or goods
  • Trading of intellectual property
  • Industrial espionage
The investigation process
  • Determining the actual loss or potential loss, i.e. value, because of irregularities
  • Becoming familiar with company procedures and processes
  • Providing the client with in-house training
  • Identifying the possible parties involved
  • Identifying the potential loop holes
  • Establishing pro-active measures

CONFIDENTIALITY is the key to our success and your protection

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